Valuations - the right approach for you

Transaction values exceeding 28 billion Eurosand counting...

Over two decades, our management team worked on more than 200 privately and publicly owned corporate and private equity business transactions, startups, divestitures, and integration projects across five continents.

Our management’s valuations have been utilized in the acquisition and sale of both private and publicly held companies and have successfully withstood the independent and rigorous reviews of global private equity firms, the Big Four accounting firms, and international banks headquartered both in Germany and the USA.

From small and mid-sized privately and family owned businesses, to multi-national auctions of publicly traded enterprises, we have experience valuing businesses of all sizes. We independently and objectivity consider the individual nuances of your company, or your business target.

Valuation services that we offer include…

Measuring fair value of the target company

Valuations for Financial Reporting

Impairment Testing

Intellectual Property


Fair Value Measurements: according to IFRS 13.

Purchase Price Allocations

Fairness Opinions: to independently determine if the terms of a transactions such as: mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, buybacks, spin-offs, or privatizations are fair.

Site VisitsTime To See

The site visit is a time to meet key management, explore the target’s premises, and make key evaluations which are often one-time occurrences. This phase of the M&A deal process is often not fully utilized to bring value to the table. This is where understanding the questions to ask, the right way to ask them and generating an environment of trusting communications between buyer and seller teams takes place.

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