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Mergers & AcquisitionsIncreasing deal value

Mergers & Acquisitions advice that increases the value of your deal. Monumental Exchange’s clientele benefit from our management’s more than 200 business transactions and integration projects performed across five continents over two decades. Our M&A consultancy is built upon disciplines such as: business development, all types of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), pre- project- and post-merger integrations (PMI), change management implementation, as well as regularly supporting international executives with English and German sales and purchase agreement negotiations. Monumental Exchange streamlines your sophisticated processes, strengthens international teams, enhances transparency and creates the momentum that enable people to work effectively and achieve important investment goals.

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Pre- Project- and Post-merger IntegrationP3MI © - maximizing deal integration

Complex corporate and private equity transactions, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, divestitures, spin-offs, business transformations and start-ups are at our core. Our global consulting successes are based on teaming with executives who operate in both regional mid-sized markets as well as in large multi-national structures. Our forte is networking the trust of industry and functional experts on all sides of a deal to integrate cultures and develop synergies that create value. We deliver our clients cross-industry experience from over a hundred projects on five continents. We offer a wide range of services and support tools that guide clients through each stage of the deal process. Clients choose Monumental Exchange because they need best-practice advice that addresses key human capital themes and embrace a united perspective that takes into account local needs. With our integration tools and methodologies combined with vast deal experience we advise clients how to develop and build effective integration partnerships focused on a harmonized culture of inclusiveness that respects diversity. We enjoy sharing our passion for working with and leading teams of MBAs, Doctors, Lawyers, and industry experts who are motivated to increase the value of their organizations and seek joint rewards.

As part of our commitment to offering cutting edge executive support consulting services, our P3MI © concept was developed as an integral link between the pre- project- and post-merger integrations that our clients face. Our vast experience in the field of regional and international mergers and acquisitions has led to a deep understanding of the links between financial, cultural, and talent integration are some of the major cornerstones to implementing a new structure and successful strategy.

Accurate planning is the roadmap that brings vision & strategy to life and a well-planned pre-deal evaluation is a major part of realizing these goals. Additionally, cross-border deals attract clients with challenging post-merger integration objectives and that is why global clients choose Monumental Exchange. We help global clients plan how to advance human and business strategies that improve performance and wealth by explaining where to integrate the right resources to the proper investments in order to deliver lasting positive impacts.

Our concept of merger integration starts long before the sales and purchase agreement is signed at the negotiation table. We provide integration consulting that is intimately tied to your deal objectives from day one in the pre-deal phase and evolve throughout the initial negotiations and are addressed concretely before deal completion as to alleviate the common hold-up themes that can prevent efficiently cooperation noticed only after the sales and purchase agreement was signed. The post-merger integration and acquisition integration phases that follow are in the planning stages right from the beginning allowing clients to save time and resources for market growth. With proper P3MI © procedures our clients achieve information, trust and quality that each party commits to and benefits from.

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