Executive Services

Special ProjectsMarket expansion project management

Special Projects for market expansion may be strategies that are not yet public knowledge or actions that are being implemented after press releases. Either way, Monumental Exchange provides executives with the niveau of exposure and tact appropriate to each phase of their plan.

Special Projects:

  • Meetings with government officials
  • Negotiating business incentives – tax and labor
  • Greenfield opportunities – identification and acquisition
  • Real estate acquisition – commercial and industrial
  • Business registration
  • Office setup
  • Interim Management

Clients choose Monumental Exchange to collaborate with key teams and allow them to stay focused on important ongoing business responsibilities. Strategic advice you can trust and professional executive services dedicated to developing and refining business strategies, market expansion plans, deals, and change management. We achieve results through resourceful diplomacy and expertise that has benefited clients just like yourself.

CoachingMotivating executives

Monumental Exchange coaches executives and their teams that are planning to, or have recently embarked upon market expansion projects. We service clients in many countries; with special in-depth understanding of transatlantic corporate cultures between the United States and German-speaking countries.

Coaching Services:

  • Goal Setting – aimed at helping executives unite dynamic groups to function as a united team
  • Private Planning – for management responsible for implementing market expansion strategies
  • Partnership Building – focused on a harmonized culture of inclusiveness that respects diversity
  • Identifying Best Practices – benefiting from the best of both worlds between corporate cultures

"Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability."

Anne Mulcahy, Xerox

ExpatsIntegration Services

Expat Services add to the likelihood of success at work and in private life. We know first-hand the factors influencing the everyday lives of expatriates. This understanding, combined with excellent planning and support are essential to creating the right environment for expat success.

Expat Services:

  • Corporate culture in Germany and the USA:
    • Communication norms between employers and employees
    • Personal presentation
    • Getting along with local teams

Monumental Exchange helps expats quickly implement their talents. Our management team were expats and know the real deal companies and expats experience. We understand the international perspective of business and more importantly, expat business life. We inform and motivate expats so they can work more effectively in their new environments.