Product & Service ManagementCustomized solutions for your business

Product Management services such as market research and branding for international professional sports organizations, consumer goods companies, food companies, as well as political campaigns.

Product & Service Management:

  • Product Life Cycle Management – helping sales and marketing management shape sales growth and market share over the long-term
  • Market Research – oversight and management of: one-on-one interviews, focus groups, dial sessions, and telephone surveys. Correctly interpreting customers’ perceptions, behaviors, attitudes and decision-making processes.
  • Brand Management – overseeing the features that distinguish and control brand identity, communication, awareness, and loyalty
  • Packaging and Labeling – assuring that uniqueness, customer preferences, legal requirements, environmental concerns, and brand consistency are met

PromotionCommunicating with your target market

Promotion experience ranging from companies that sell online concert tickets to tourism marketing for governments.

Promotion Strategy:

  • Message – developing, communicating, and implementing the promotional strategy
  • Promotional Mix – appropriate balance of advertising, PR, direct marketing, and sales promotions
  • Channel/Media Strategy – reaching the target audience with the right campaign
  • Art Direction – logos, print, and electronic media
  • Public Relations – coordination of press releases to announce company news and product launches, unveil strategic partnerships, and demonstrate social responsibility


  • Print Media – magazines, brochures, displays, signage, flyers, and direct mail
  • Electronic Media – website presence, banner ads, email, Facebook, SEO, and Google Adwords
  • Events – networking, product launches, customer appreciation, business clubs, and trade organizations
  • Trade Shows – exhibitions at industry and expat shows

PlacementLocation, location, location

Placement decisions for products, services, stores, and offices are often at the core of market expansion projects. Monumental Exchange helps clients perform evaluations and negotiations regarding product and service placement in the market, real estate (commercial, industrial, and mining), as well as relationships with logistics partners.

Placement Strategy:

  • Distribution Strategies – implementation of intensive, selective, or exclusive strategies
  • Location and Facility – acquisition of facilities, stores, product shelf space, and offices
  • Assortment – selection availability and timing decisions by market and target
  • Channel Members – managing key B2B relationships
  • Inventory and Logistics – determining zones of natural advantage and the utilization of warehousing, rail, and ports

PricingTuning the top-line

Pricing decisions for business-to-business and business-to-consumer products ranging from construction materials and computer hardware to outdoor sports clothing, Monumental Exchange has you covered.

Pricing Strategy:

  • Price analysis and price setting – applying market preferences, expectations from customers, reactions from competitors, and price elasticity to the top-line
  • Cost-to-Serve – identification and implementation of sales and marketing interactions based on detailed customer profitability
  • Payment Terms and Methods – negotiating distributor allowances, rebates, and customer discounts

We have implemented cost-to-serve programs that help sales and marketing managers improve profitability by better illustrating the relationship between price per unit, quantity sold, discounts, rebates, and a comprehensive in-depth look into time and other sales resources utilized to acquire these top-line profit and loss drivers.