Market Evaluation

Market StrategyStarting an effective evaluation

Market Strategy aimed at evaluating a market expansion opportunity is most effective when the target market’s preferences and the current competitive landscape are understood. Monumental Exchange helps clients evaluate and implement the right mix of the following market expansion strategies.

Market Expansion Strategies:

  • Concentration – investing in product line and using market penetration strategies
  • Integration – expanding the business scope and serving the same customers
  • Franchise / Chain – retail stores and restaurants are typical business models which can capitalize from a franchise or chain expansion model
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) / Strategic Partnerships – beginning with Business Development projects that may evolve into M&A deals that unite core competencies between businesses for mutual synergies

Sell More Existing Products:

  • Additional First-time Buyers – improving company or brand websites
  • Expand Market Reach – increase existing customer sales, implement new promotions, pricing schemes, or loyalty programs
  • New Markets and Channels – expand geographic reach or move to new online platforms

Sell New Products:

  • New products, product updates, and product extensions

Sales Channel Expansion:

  • New stores, B2B Retail, and online marketplaces

Competitive IntelligenceThe big picture focused

Competitive Intelligence is part of a well-founded market evaluation that enables you to understand your changing business landscape. Our clients can interpret competitive behaviors and make better decisions by benchmarking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Whether you want to operate in new markets or are looking for additional growth in your existing markets, our expertise transforms data and ideas into powerful information.

Targeted quantitative and qualitative research provides the ability to create and sustain the rewards that come with better understanding the subtle nuances of competitors’ intentions.


Site VisitsTime to see

Site visits provide a time to meet key management and employees, see the premises, as well as make observations and evaluations about future investments which are often one-time opportunities.

Having the experience to know the right questions to ask in the right way and generating an environment of trust is paramount to success. Establishing the right team for the site visit phase of a Market Expansion project or M&A transaction can help management mitigate risks and create additional value.

Site Visit Experience:

  • Professional office settings
  • Factories and manufacturing plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Research & Development laboratories
  • Mining operations
  • Construction sites
  • Greenfield sites
  • Commercial real estate
  • Railways
  • Ports

AnalysisEstablishing the right nuance

We communicate ideas and data into useful market evaluations for business expansion through the help of analysis.

Companies are built on industry and functional knowledge centers whose productivity is partly based on their multi-tasking nature. We help your organization by providing the extra edge needed to accomplish your goals with precision and certainty. Our analysis focuses on trend forecasting, socioeconomic events, as well as gap analysis that are customized to your specific goals.

Trend Forecasting – We are confident that you know your business and what is important. The biggest impacts are made by staying current with early to market strategies and forecasts that reveal developments shaping the markets of tomorrow. This is exactly why Monumental Exchange provides insight into consumer, political, and other trends relating to new markets. Our expertise connects us with leaders that start the trends that change the way we live. Trend analysis and forecasts enable you to plan proactively. We identify trends that enable you to choose the right form of market expansion for you.

Socioeconomics – Economic activity affects and is influenced by social demographic trends. We track and analyze these trends for clients in local, regional and international arenas so you can better plan for social and regulatory changes.

Gap Analysis – Our clients trust us with complex issues. Gap analytics serves as a compass to help guide teams through projects. By mapping your market expansion and financial goals in relation to your company’s unique strengths and opportunities, we help make it easier to achieve your goals.