German Market Expansion

Client AdvantageEnter Europe's largest economy

Monumental Exchange advises clients in the German-speaking DACH markets…

  • D (Germany / Deutschland)
  • A (Austria / Österreich)
  • CH (Switzerland / Confoederatio Helvetica)

…including cities such as: Augsburg, Basel, Berlin, Bonn, Brühl, Cologne, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Essen, Gütersloh, Hamburg, Ingolstadt, Innsbruck, Leverkusen, Munich, Münster, Muttenz, Romont, Salzburg, Vienna, and Zürich.

Client Advantages:

  1. Market expansion and M&A experience in key industries & niche markets.
  2. Startup services for entrepreneurs as well as for businesses entering the German-speaking markets.
  3. Our CEO is from the United States, has lived in Germany for over 14 years, and helps clients grow their businesses in German-speaking markets by understanding their circumstances as foreign business people and new market entrants.
  4. We facilitate trust, legitimacy, and understanding in negotiations.
  5. Located in Munich, Germany.

Projects in the News

A selection of deals advised by our management that are in the press.

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ServicesGerman Market Expansion, Startup, and M&A guidance

Conducting business successfully in Germany and German-speaking countries requires sound market expansion and financial strategies including adequate choices for a short-list of potential target markets, appropriate target customers, a well-planned channel strategy, prudent resource allocation decisions, good product and service offerings, strong brand positioning, and a working operating model.

Market Expansion Goals:

  1. Market share expansion – for businesses already operating
  2. Startups – new business entry, establishing subsidiaries and affiliate businesses
  3. M&A and joint ventures – buying a business, or part of a business

Monumental Exchange has a long history working with companies that invest and build capacity in German-speaking markets. We help clients make well-informed decisions that are designed to efficiently use resources and provide a positive return on investment.


  • Market evaluation (state economy, industry conditions, market size, growth potential, customer and competitive analysis, SWOT analysis, investment incentives, etc.)
  • Market entry strategies (value proposal, target customers, products, pricing, channel placement strategy, and brand positioning)
  • Investor and business partner selection
  • Site visits and facility location evaluations
  • Organizational structure and guidance
  • Project feasibility analysis
  • Project financing and valuation
  • Negotiation support
  • Support developing contracts, commercial, and sales agreements
  • Ongoing project control