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Your American Advisorto the world's largest economy

Expanding in the United States is easier with Monumental Exchange

Whether evaluating new business contacts, potential deal partners, or negotiating English-language contracts, the US has many versions of the Anglo-Saxon business culture and differs from state to state as well as from industry to industry. Monumental Exchange helps guide clients around common challenges of conducting international business in the United States. Our Founder and CEO is American and can quickly and unrestricted by time limitations imposed by visa holders, manage your projects internationally and directly in the USA. Clients benefit from first-hand management experience, in-depth negotiation insights, and faster access to the world’s largest economy.

Our clients benefit by:

  1. Bringing experience with international clients across industries & niche markets
  2. Providing a higher level of recognition into the cultural signalling, body language cues, and local jargon used in meetings that often indicate true intentions
  3. Increasing trust, legitimacy, and comfort when negotiating with Americans on challenging topics and adding a "Good Cop" to your team
  4. Contributing as an international advisor with the legal right to immediately enter and conduct work in All 50 States as well as all USA territories:
    • American Samoa
    • Guam
    • Northern Mariana Islands
    • Puerto Rico
    • U.S. Virgin Islands

Our Serviceshelp bring order to the "Wild West"

Monumental Exchange offers a range of services to clients during all stages of market expansion in the USA. We provide expertise for determining efficient expansion strategies and have a long working history with companies that invest and build capacity in the USA so they can create global economies of scale. We help clients make sound decisions with information-based market expansion and brand positionsing strategies that are designed to efficiently use of resources and provide a positive return on investment.

Multi-national companies target expansion into the USA so they can efficiently use their existing potential with unique market opportunities to create sustainable earnings. To better accomplish these goals, they can greatly benefit from customized planning and expereinced guidance.

Successful international growth is comprised of sound market expansion and financial strategies including crucial choices with regard to: a primary short-list of markets to focus upon, the determination of target customers, channel strategy, resource allocation, product and service value offerings, brand positioning, and the creation of a working operating model. A well designed market penetration strategy helps ensure the efficient use of corporate resources.

List of Services

  • Target market evaluation (economic and industry conditions, market size and growth potential, customer and competitive analysis, SWOT analysis and investment incentives)
  • Market entry strategies (value proposal, target customers, products, pricing, channel placement strategy, and brand positioning)
  • Business partner and investor selection
  • Site visit, evaluations, and facility location determination
  • Organizational structure
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Financial planning and valuation
  • Negotiation support
  • Support developing contracts, commercial, and sales agreements
  • Action plans
  • Ongoing project control

Getting Startedwith your market expansion in the USA

Our observations

A lot of companies are attracted to the USA when they decide to expand internationally. The United States offers many attractions such as a business-friendly environment, quality of life, high technology, excellent supply chain opportunities, as well as infrastructure and workforce factors.

Excellent growth opportunities exist in abundance, but you have to be prepared for this challenging and complex market. The United States consist of many different and highly competitive markets. Companies that expand into the USA without carrying out the necessary planning often underestimate the complexity and fail to clearly differentiate their products or services and end up encountering inadequate financial resources and support from their shareholders.

Despite these and other challenges, expanding in the USA is not only possible, but it can be highly profitable when implemented correctly.

We recommend you improve your success with

1. An excellent location — The 50 United States are in reality many markets with individual business regulations, tax laws, and customer buying patterns. Choosing the right target place to locate based on criteria such as the potential customers, competitors, regulatory environment, and government incentives is critical. Monumental Exchange’s management has worked extensively in major metropolitan centers throughout the United States such as: New York City, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Baltimore, New Orleans, and other cities and rural communities that provide excellent resources for growing companies.

2. A unique value proposition — Develop a strong differentiation strategy to market your products or services. Show customers how they are unique to their particular market.

3. Realistic financial projections — Successful market expansion in the USA tends to be more expensive than many clients originally anticipated. A controlled action plan achievement approach to the distribution of monies helps assure you can execute your plan in terms of finances as well as the organizational capacity.

4. A strong advisory team — Use the right combination of international, home-based, and new target market talent and expertise to guide your project. Market expansion is easier when doors are opened for foreign businesses by locals. Monumental Exchange helps you understand the market conditions and connect you with local advisers such as reliable U.S. lawyers and accountants.

We look forward to working with you, please feel free to contact us.

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