German & European Market Expansion

Germany- enter the largest economy within the German-speaking DACH market and Europe...

Entry, Setup, & Already Existing Businesses

Q: Do you plan to enter or setup operations in Germany or another German-speaking DACH market?

DACH markets:

  • D (Germany / Deutschland)
  • A (Austria / Österreich)
  • CH (Switzerland / Confoederatio Helvetica)

Q: Is your business already operating in a German-speaking market?

Monumental Exchange brings you project experience from all three DACH countries specifically including the following cities: Augsburg, Basel, Berlin, Bonn, Brühl, Cologne, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Essen, Gütersloh, Hamburg, Ingolstadt, Leverkusen, Munich, Münster, Muttenz, Romont, Vienna, Zürich, as well as other locations.

Helping Your Project Succeed

Q: Can you envision the ways your stakeholders can benefit from expert Market Expansion, Corporate Development / M&A, and Business Development support from a consulting boutique in Germany?

Our Founder and CEO, Edward Myers, is a native English speaker from the United States whose family comes from, and lives in, Germany and Austria and who has lived and consulted businesses in the German-speaking DACH market for over 14 years.

Monumental Exchange brings international clients the experience and insight that your business needs, that only someone who comes from abroad can learn first-hand and share with you when entering a foreign market. Simply put, a native can never completely know what it takes to be successful and prosper as a foreigner in their own homeland. They can at best, only observe this process from a second-hand perspective.

We have first-hand experience helping international clients succeed by better understanding their unique needs as foreign business people and new market entrants. We encourage our clients to use local market expertise from qualified professionals, but not for all aspects of their new market expansion. We seek in your project, the best future for your business, your stakeholders, as well as the future of our home of choice and yours. Let’s work together toward these common goals – internationally & locally.

Yes to DACH Market Expansion

A: If you answered YES to any of these questions above, then Monumental Exchange is the right consultancy for you. Our personalized boutique approach provides you with international consultants specialized in go-to-market strategies and services within the German-speaking DACH markets.

We have helped dozens of companies in various industries & niche markets setup operations of all sizes. We create successful market entry strategies for our clients and optimize business plans and utilize your resources efficiently. Our insights into DACH market trends and market dynamics combined with our management expertise puts us in an excellent position to guide you toward a successful German-speaking DACH market entry. Our team provides you contact to local decision makers. We can quickly provide you with a trusted network and work with channel partners to aid in getting your project off to a fast start.

Monumental Exchange is centrally located in downtown Munich, the metropolitan capital of Bavaria. We provide local and international advice and project management to clients who want their company to quickly enter, or enhance existing operations in the German-speaking DACH markets as well as throughout Europe.

Europeprovides parallel market expansion opportunities

Knowing who to work with and where to go

Seeking to quickly and professionally expand your business into European markets such as France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom? Monumental Exchange advises both European, as well as non-European based clients. We have experience supporting native English or German-speaking clients, as well as those with only one team member who speaks English or German as a second language.

We advise large and mid-sized companies across several industries & niche markets; from multi-national publicly traded firms to regional family-owned enterprises. Our experience includes corporate, financial, and government enterprises that want to expand their business in Europe.

Our management can use our network to help you develop important contacts within European businesses and government officials. In addition, we are able to motivate and guide your European project team and help produce results that allow your management team to stay focused on your core business and day-to-day activities; all while knowing that your special growth and expansion projects are in good hands. By mixing international and local in-depth know-how, this helps you to realize your objectives and develop your business.

We look forward to working with you, please feel free to contact us.

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