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Executive Solutions

Clients choose Monumental Exchange to collaborate with their team’s set of core talents and allow them to stay focused on the important day-to-day responsibilities of running a growing organization. Our advice and solutions are based on decades of experience working with growing regional mid-sized as well as leading multi-national executives and their teams through complex corporate and private equity transactions, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, divestitures, spin-offs, business transformations and start-ups. We work in partnership to ensure objective and expert guidance is shaped by our client’s unique needs. Strategic advice you trust and professional executive support consulting dedicated to developing and refining business plans, pre-merger and post-merger integration, change management consulting and negotiation support.

Business Plan DevelopmentThe value proposition…

We help breathe new life into your business plans. Executives are attracted to plans with logical and transparent underlying assumptions that they believe in and can present with conviction. Many clients have successfully utilized cost cutting strategies and are now looking to establish new cultures based on cost efficiency. Customizing your roadmap whether from short-term to long-term horizons, from strategic marketing plans to financial plans, we offer our clients the global experience and insight that help develop and refine business plans and valuation models that are understandable and convincing. We focus on your resources and the environments you operate in to bring the historic, forecast, actual and future plans into focus and consistent with your goals. Our knowledge of working with executives and their teams in developing sound business plans provides them the confidence necessary to deliver convincing messages that win over stakeholders.

"As the CEO, I have to take care of the short term, mid term and the long term." Carlos Ghosn, Nissan

Pre- Project- and Post-Merger IntegrationP3MI © - maximizing deal integration

Complex corporate and private equity transactions, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, divestitures, spin-offs, business transformations and start-ups are at our core. Our global consulting successes are based on teaming with executives who operate in both regional mid-sized markets as well as in large multi-national structures. Our forte is networking the trust of industry and functional experts on all sides of a deal to integrate cultures and develop synergies that create value. We deliver our clients cross-industry experience from over a hundred projects on five continents. We offer a wide range of services and support tools that guide clients through each stage of the deal process. Clients choose Monumental Exchange because they need best-practice advice that addresses key human capital themes and embrace a united perspective that takes into account local needs. With our integration tools and methodologies combined with vast deal experience we advise clients how to develop and build effective integration partnerships focused on a harmonized culture of inclusiveness that respects diversity. We enjoy sharing our passion for working with and leading teams of MBAs, Doctors, Lawyers, and industry experts who are motivated to increase the value of their organizations and seek joint rewards.

Negotiation SupportDialogue with concrete results

Monumental Exchange consults clients who value the importance of adding information and resources to the bargaining table. Clients who seek the best return on their spending understand the value dialogue brings to a negotiation and how experience and expectations shape outcomes and lead to decisive resolutions. When overseeing complex negotiations involving transactions and transformations, our clients value our global experience and practical insight that give us comfort in finding solutions with financial institutions, government officials, industry experts, or other power brokers. Our ability to guide client’s diverse needs, whether they desire a creative approach to arrive at mutually beneficial outcome, or asking challenging questions to push the envelope of what can be achieved, our customized advice helps ensure the goals of the transaction are met. We nurture fact based dialogue which create confidence and drive results in your sales and purchase agreements and other contract negotiations.

Change ManagementFrom alive to thrive

Globalization, innovation in technology and the overall evolving business environment cause your organization to continually benchmark talent and investments in order to stay ahead of the competition. Our experience implementing change management programs focuses on processes that transition individuals, teams and organizations to revolutionize the accountability and implementation of knowledge. We work with our clients through the change management process by addressing the overall business environment and defining with them measurable stakeholder goals, training, coaching and personal counseling that complement the corporate culture and win employee support.

Research and Analytics

Successful organizations are built upon industry and functional knowledge centers whose productivity is partly based on their multi-tasking nature. We help your organization by providing the extra edge needed to accomplish your goals with precision and certainty. We deliver clarity about important trends that enhance existing knowledge bases and enable your valued people to achieve more than was originally possible. Our Research and Analytics consulting focuses on socioeconomic and strategic market research as well as gap and trends analysis that are customized to your specific goals.

Socioeconomic ResearchThe big picture focused

Economic activity affects and is influenced by social demographic trends and politics. We track and analyze how these trends progress in local, regional and international economic arenas and help you understand how social and regulatory changes can enable your organization and its stakeholders to prosper in the future.

Strategic Market ResearchEstablishing the right nuance

We understand the key to correct decision making is based on focused strategic market research as well as correctly interpreting consumer’s perceptions, behaviors, attitudes and decision making processes. Targeted quantitative and qualitative research provides our clients the ability to create and sustain the rewards that come along with better understanding the subtle nuances of their value chain and competitive landscapes. Whether you are testing the idea of operating in new markets or looking for additional growth in existing markets our expertise to communicate ideas and data into useful information through the help of statistical analysis and the benchmarking key performance indicators (KPIs) allows you to have the answers that become concrete results.

Gap AnalyticsUnlocking efficiency

Our clients bring us their most complex issues to solve. Gap analytics serves as the compass and roadmap that helps guides teams through all project management stages though to goal completion. We enable clients who are seeking to best utilize their current resources to maximize investments in capital and technology in ways that when benchmarked in their industry are also harmonious with stakeholder and macro level market forces. By mapping your market and financial positions in relation to your unique strengths and opportunities we reveal areas that can be further improved.

Trends AnalysisMoving forward with our latest insights

We are confident that you know your business and what is important. The biggest impacts are made by staying current with early to market strategies and forecasts that reveal developments shaping the future markets of tomorrow. This is exactly why Monumental Exchange provides insight into consumer and political trends relating to markets, technology and the environment. Our expertise connects us with leaders that start the trends that will improve the way we live. Trends analysis and forecasts enable you to plan proactively.

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