Post-merger Integration

Post-merger IntegrationMaterializing efficiencies & synergies

Cross-border mergers and acquisitions that implement Post-merger Integration (PMI) programs will typically earn an additional six percent in total returns to shareholders.

Post-merger Integration Services:

  • 100 Day Plan – the roadmap that brings vision & strategy to life and allows clients to save time and resources for continued market growth
  • Post-acquisition Controlling
  • Acquisition Integration
  • On-going Improvement

Successful post-merger integration starts long before the sales and purchase agreement is signed at the negotiation table. We provide post-merger integration services that are intimately tied to your deal objectives from day one in the pre-deal phase, evolve throughout the initial negotiations, and are addressed concretely before deal completion.

100 Day PlanBringing businesses together

At Monumental Exchange, our forte is quickly networking the trust of operational and functional experts on all sides of your deal to quickly materialize efficiencies and implement synergies.

Experience in both regional and international Post-merger Integration (PMI) allows us to help clients manage newly merged financial, sales and technical assets, as well as talent retention initiatives. These are all major cornerstones of successful corporate integration.

Establish objectives within the first 100 Days:

  1. Three-year Business Plan – define a clear strategic direction for the new business
  2. Accounting and Financial Metrics – implement hierarchical, parallel, or fully integrated systems
  3. Working Capital – establish control of cash and identify immediate returns
  4. Operational Metrics – plan sales and marketing programs, supply chain, R&D pipeline
  5. Human Resources – determine and implement human capital requirements
  6. Technology Infrastructure – review IT vision and resources, involve stakeholders, plan & implement an agreed-upon architecture
  7. Corporate Governance – define local and international policies that are consistent with the overriding mission

Communicate SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely) objectives with key constituents on day one, during the first thirty days, and in regular intervals thereafter.