Negotiation Support & Valuation

Negotiation ServicesDialogue with concrete results

We bring 22 years of experience negotiating projects worth over 28 billion Euros with international corporate investors, financial institutions, government officials, and other power brokers.

Clients who manage complex transactions appreciate Monumental Exchange’s ability to help them find solutions to close their deal with the terms and conditions they seek.

Negotiation Services:

  1. Initial contact with target companies and investors
  2. Deal Structure – risk and reward allocation
  3. Confidentiality Agreement
  4. Exclusivity Agreement
  5. Valuation methodology and purchase price considerations
  6. Non-binding Offers – Letter of Intent (LOI), Memoranda of Understanding (MOU), or Heads of Terms
  7. Due Diligence terms
  8. Stock or Asset Purchase Agreements (PA)
  9. Financing and Covenants
  10. Termination Provisions such as the Drop Dead Date
  11. Closing conditions and post-closing adjustments
  12. Escrow/Holdback issues
  13. Disclaimers by the seller – preventing fraud claims
  14. Indemnification Provisions
  15. Representations & Warranties of the sellers and buyers:
    • Financial Statements
    • Liabilities
    • Intellectual Property & Infringements
  16. Other Contracts such as marketing partnerships, greenfielding, and real estate deals

Whether our clients desire a creative approach to arrive at a mutually beneficial outcome, or seek challenging questions at the bargaining table to push the envelope of what can be achieved, our advice helps ensure the goals of the transaction are met.

Clients benefit from support in meetings that quickly shapes discussions and leads to decisive outcomes.

We help clients:

  • Anticipate the other party’s next move
  • Understand potential negotiation landmines
  • Create value in line with investment goals
  • Close deals more quickly

At Monumental Exchange, we nurture fact-based dialogue which creates confidence and drives your contract negotiations to a successful conclusion.

10 Ways to Improve Your DealNegotiating value into M&A and Market Expansion deals

Using these 10 tips will help you achieve better negotiation outcomes:

  1. Practice – utilize what-if scenarios and roleplay alternative outcomes with your team
  2. Relationship Building – cross-cultural communications are improved by inquiring about corporate and cultural history
  3. Checklists – use a live checklist to keep parties focused
  4. Structure – organize high-stakes discussions based on priority
  5. Email Negotiations – maximize face to face and telephone contact; a lack of non-verbal cues tends to weaken a position
  6. Anchoring – understanding when to apply the first mover advantage to discussions and work flows
  7. Timing – deliver ideas strategically based on the prevailing mood and necessity
  8. Tradeoffs – plan for strategic concessions
  9. Best Alternatives – prepare for a second and third course of action for negotiated agreements
  10. Collaborate – help parties find common ground by striving for mutual-gains

ValuationTransaction values exceeding 28 billion Euros

Our management’s valuations have been utilized in the acquisition and sale of both private and publicly held companies and have withstood the independent and rigorous reviews of global private equity firms, the Big Four accounting firms, and international banks.

Valuation Services:

  • Business Valuations
  • Purchase Price Allocations
  • Fairness Opinions: independent evaluation of mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, buybacks, and spin-offs
  • Valuations for Financial Reporting
  • Impairment Testing
  • Intellectual Property
  • Goodwill

From small and mid-sized privately and family-owned businesses, to multi-national auctions of publicly traded enterprises, we have experience valuing businesses of all sizes. We independently and objectively consider the individual nuances of your company, or your business target.

Business Valuation Techniques:

  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)
  • Relative valuation (comparable company and comparable transactions)
  • Earnings Multiples
  • Historical Earnings
  • Future Maintainable Earnings
  • Asset Valuation

Over two decades, our management team worked on more than 200 privately and publicly owned corporate and private equity transactions, startups, divestitures, and integration projects across five continents.