InvestmentRelationships built on trust

Investors, whether corporate or financial, all want to know the right information to decide whether to put their money in your business.

Going beyond financial statements to ensure that the answers are prepared upfront is the key to accessing good financing.

Monumental Exchange helps make this happen by working with you to turn your offering into an exciting investment opportunity. Starting with ownership participation to the details of the covenants, we help make sure that each aspect works for both parties, ensuring satisfaction over the long-term.

We provide clients access to:

  • Corporate Investors
  • Banks
  • Private Equity Funds
  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Angel Investors

Project FinancingAttaining resources to grow

Adequate financial resources are essential to management who pursue significant growth, who want to keep ahead of the pace of change, take advantage of scale advances in technology, and achieve above-average long-term financial rewards.

We help clients provide investors with:

  • Cash-flow Forecasts
  • Management Accounts
  • Historic Accounts
  • Business Plans

Monumental Exchange helps clients work more effectively with investors and creditors to achieve their financing needs. Banks and other investors need to understand the risks surrounding repayment as well as their expected returns. We work with our clients to help them to provide investors with the information they need, in the form they require.

Project Financing Discussion Points:

  1. Project Investment Goals (Description, amount requested, and desired payment terms)
  2. Management Profile
  3. Invested Capital
  4. Security Provided
  5. Other Business Interests

Achieving lasting success is what business owners want, yet financing is typically unavailable for early-stage ventures. Given this classic paradigm, our understanding of new market entry can help to increase your chances of success by enabling access to capital.