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We are a management consultancy specializing in:

Mergers & Acquisitions advice that increases the value of your deal. Monumental Exchange’s clientele benefit from our management’s more than 200 business transactions and integration projects performed across five continents over two decades. Our M&A consultancy is built upon disciplines such as: business development, all types of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), pre- project- and post-merger integrations (PMI), change management implementation, as well as regularly supporting international executives with English and German sales and purchase agreement negotiations. Monumental Exchange streamlines your sophisticated processes, strengthens international teams, enhances transparency and creates the momentum that enable people to work effectively and achieve important investment goals.

Learn more about select deals and projects from our managment’s experience that are in the press.

Negotiation Support allows executives to find solutions with industry experts, government officials, financial institutions, and other power brokers. Our native English-speaking management has experience getting the terms and conditions global investors seek in negotiations with German and English-speaking partners.

Business Plans that allow you to deliver clear and convincing messages that win over stakeholders.

Market Expansion

German Market Expansion Support for management that want to enter, or already operate in, the modern and growing German-speaking DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) marketplace. We work in your chosen target market and coordinate an array of business contacts, attend meetings, rally teams and presents concise findings that allows you and your management team to stay focused on your ongoing core businesses while new business development and acquisition growth is being driven on-site. Monumental Exchange’s clients conviently use our location in Germany, expert communication skills, and experience to drive projects forward.

As part of our German Market Expansion Support, Monumental Exchange provides business incubation services that startup and early-stage companies require. We consult businesses that have the potential to quickly grow and become the next generation of top-quality firms. Decades of first-hand experience and objective decision making skills have supported private "mixed-use" incubator projects across dozens of countries and key industries and niche markets.

USA and other International Markets Expansion are in demand because they allow companies to gain access to attractive markets in Germany and abroad. Our management has served clients across 17 countries on 5 continents. Clients benefit from our expert guidance on startup businesses, business incubation and financial roadshows. The likeliness of success among smart high-growth start-ups is vastly improved with adequate access to capital, experienced professional consulting, as well as knowledgeable management and advisory bodies, Monumental Exchange offers expertise and guides executives though financial road shows to help them acquire angel investment and other financial resources.

"Listen to people who achieved what you want to accomplish."

Edward Myers, Monumental Exchange

IntegrationInternational leadership that succeeds

Monumental Exchange’s Integration services allow international professionals and employers to quickly implement their talents. Our dedicated management team were expats and know the real deal companies and expats experience.

We understand the international perspective of business and more importantly, expat business life, that locals are unable to experience. Our senior management’s background in psychology and over twenty years of experience in international human resource M&A lend themselves to a comprehensive understanding of what gets expats and their employers to succeed as a united team.

Our desire is to welcome, inform, and motivate you and your team to work harmonious and effectively together. We help your employees and you enjoy your home of choice while benefiting from our experience providing the following integration services:

Expat Coaching for organizations, individual expatriates, and their families. Add to the likelihood of success at work and in private life. We know first-hand the factors influencing the everyday lives of expatriates and that understanding, combined with excellent planning and support are essential to creating a successful environment.

Expat Support for HR in developing expat packages and detailed budget planning, as well as implementing dialogue that leads employers and thier expats to succeed. For personnel relocations in the Munich area, we assist with the housing search, government offices, insurance, language courses, as well as career consulting and English résumé reviews for spouses.

Post-Merger Integration guidance implementing proven methodologies that have successfully integrated numerous international corporate cultures and expats.

Corporate Culture Integration puts the integration of diverse corporate cultures into context through tailored solutions focusing on organizations, individual expats, and thier families.

Seminars focusing on living, doing business in, and succeeding in English and German-speaking (DACH) markets. These programs are filled with success stories to assist expats and those who want an upper hand in doing global buisness.

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